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Hello! Just letting you all know that Enterprise Nation is getting a facelift and will be back online soon!


The currency converters get updated every morning with the latest exchange rates. To convert euros into pounds then we suggest this currency converter. There is also this gbp to euro conversion site, but not updated as often, which you can find here.

Weight Converters

First up we have a quick and easy kilos into stones converter where you can convert a weight given in kilograms to a weight in stones. Next we have a stones into pounds website that is quick for converting stones to pounds - good for the metric system. If you looking for smaller weights then we have the convert grams to ounces website which also converts ounces to grams just as easily. Another handy converter is the kilos into pounds calculator that has been made. If stones are more your thing then have a look at the KG to Stones converter. If you work a lot in Pounds (Lbs) then the pounds to kilos and pounds to stone websites will help along with a simpler question of ounces to grams which can be found here. If you're interested in convert stones and kilograms then we have this site for you.

Distance Converters

We also have a lot of distance converters for you to use for free. These converters help you with metric conversions along with conversions for kilometres, miles, inches, feet etc. First we have the km to miles converter which is also handy. If you want something smaller here is a feet to cm calculator and also a cm to feet tool. We also have a convert inches to cm tool. Need meters to feet then check out this website. Also, cm to inches conversion can be located here. We have lots more and these include a mph to kph speed converter, mm to inches which is also useful with the metric system, mm to cm seems easy but lots of people request it, meters to feet is very popular and also the kph to mph converter for speed. Also for miles and kilometers we have a site called km to miles that's quick and easy to use. Or if you just want to convert miles to kilometers then feel free to use our other site miles to km as it's probably a little easier.